Hello! I’m Corrine Kenner, and I specialize in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. I’ve written more than 20 books, I’m a certified astrologer, and I’ve created several tarot decks and deck-specific guidebooks. I’ve learned from firsthand experience that tarot and astrology are amazing storytelling tools. When you know how to tap into their creative potential, you’re guaranteed to break through writer’s block and put words on paper quickly, efficiently, and almost effortlessly.

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I’ve been a professional writer since I was 18. I spent 15 years as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor. After that, I worked as a media relations specialist, marketing manager, website developer, and book designer.

I’m a certified tarot master, and one of the few tarot luminaries who truly understands the connections between the cards and the stars. I detailed them in my comprehensive guidebook, Tarot and Astrology. As an astrologer, I earned a level-one certification from NCGR-PAA, a professional association that offers advanced education, rigorous testing, and globally recognized certification for astrologers.

I’m originally from the Midwest — and while my Sun and Moon are conjunct in home-loving Cancer, my Sagittarius ascendant gives my an outgoing, adventurous streak. I’ve lived in Brazil, where I learned Portuguese, and Los Angeles, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University. I’ve been a keynote speaker at tarot conferences in England, Canada, and across the United States. Many of my books are also well-traveled: they’re available in Chinese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish.

I live in DeLand, Florida, where I also own and operate my favorite writing spot, the Haunted Antique Shop.