Try Astrology for Writers

Stories in the Stars

It’s no secret that writers have long used astrology as a tool for character development. Writing teachers commonly suggest that their students turn to astrological texts to research the traits of various personalities.

Try it for yourself, with Justice, the Libra card.

Libra, the Sign of Balance

Libra makes an excellent partner in crime — or in creation. She’s a social creature, with a fondness for dialogue and expansive discourse. When you include her in your stories, you’ll soon feel like you’re writing about a friend.

  • Ruling Planet. Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and attraction. Both Libra and Venus represent the epitome of charm and grace, designed to attract and appeal.
  • Physical Association. Libra rules the kidneys, which help keep the whole body in balance, as well as the lower back, the graceful seat of power.
  • Signature Animal. Almost everyone is familiar with the scales of balance, as well as the goddess of Justice who’s usually seen holding them. It’s a reminder that your Libra character is dedicated to the pursuit of balance and equanimity — even if she struggles to achieve that balance for herself.
    It’s interesting to note that Libra is the only sign that’s not represented by a living creature. That’s odd, because Libra is probably the most social animal in the zodiac. Librans have an innate need to balance themselves through relationships with others. They are exceptionally social creatures, with social and humanitarian ideals. They also crave human connection through the beauty and harmony of art and culture.
    Libra is skilled at solving problems, compromising, and arranging diplomatic solutions for any conflict. Libra knows there are two sides to every story, and when called upon to mediate, can be an exceptional arbitrator. Occasionally, Libra’s need to see both sides of any issue can make it seem indecisive. Libra’s charm, however, makes up for it.
  • Glyph. The glyph for Libra looks like a perfectly balanced set of scales.
  • House Rulership. Libra is the seventh sign. It rules the seventh house of the zodiac, where astrologers look for information about marriage and partnership — as well as open enemies. If that doesn’t make sense at first, think about your ex-husband.
  • Mode. The Sun is in Libra between September 23 and October 22. The sign marks the first month of autumn. That makes it a cardinal sign: it takes a leadership position, and initiates change and forward movement. Libra is a cardinal sign. Its start marks the first day of fall. Like Aries and Cancer before it, Libra is a leader and an initiator, an agent of change and decisive action. cardinal air sign of Libra, which makes her a gracious and charming leader.
  • Element. Libra is also an air sign. In astrology, element of air symbolizes intellectual energy — and Libra is intelligent. It’s extroverted, communicative, and conversational. Libra is interested in others — and she’s able to express that interest in an utterly charming fashion.

Career Advice

Libra is uniquely equipped to serve as a judge, arbitrator, negotiator, mediator, marriage therapist, ambassador, artist, musician, or dancer.

Costume Department

Any planet or personality in Libra is automatically graceful, charming, and easy on the eye. Like her ruler Venus, Libra will dress herself in fashion’s most becoming styles, tailored to perfection, and designed to attract admiration and appeal. Look for an engagement or wedding ring; partnership is important to a Libra.

Any character in Libra will be physically attractive, with or without clothing. Libra women have the figure of a dancer, with equally graceful movements and poses.

Most Librans have a matched set of dimples, either on their cheeks, noses, knees, or elbows. They have symmetrical, heart-shaped faces with chiseled, refined features. They might not be classic beauties, but they’re always physically striking.

Libra characters also have melodious voices and infectious laughter.

Libra Writing Prompts

  • Libra is the sign of balance and partnership. Is your character in a relationship? Describe his partner.
  • How did they meet?
  • Now describe the relationship. What does your character get from his partner, and what does he give?
  • What keeps them together?
  • How will your character cope when his relationship is threatened? Will he celebrate, or will he be unbalanced? Write it and see.
  • Describe a particularly bad breakup your character suffered in the past.
  • Send your character to a marriage therapist. What will he discuss?
  • Our most intimate partners also know our darkest secrets and our deepest fears. What secrets could your character’s partner tell you about him?
  • Most Librans try to find themselves by comparing and contrasting their own experience with other people. What does your character see when he looks into a mirror or catches his reflection in a store window?
  • Libra is an air sign, signifying its connection to intellect and thought. Does your hero follow his head or his heart? How so?
  • Think of the Libra signature as the scales of justice, and plunge your character into a legal nightmare. Divorce might work, or embezzlement, or any dispute that involves the betrayal of trust in a relationship.
  • Write about a lawyer, a judge, or an officer of the court.
  • What do you believe about justice? Is it a theme of your work?
  • Write about a character who must choose the lesser of two evils.
  • Now write about a character who must choose the greater of two evils.
  • Write about an unlikely partnership between good and evil.
  • Write about an arranged marriage.
  • Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and attraction. Unfortunately, the word Venus is the source of the word venereal. If you want to plunge your hero headfirst into drama and conflict, you might want to infect him with an unpleasant social disease.
  • Describe your character’s musical tastes. What is his favorite song?
  • Libra is an artistic sign. Draw, paint, sketch, or create a collage about a character with all the attributes you can link to the qualities of a sign — whether that happens to be Libra, or not.

The Libra Writer

If you are a Libra writer, with the Sun, Moon, or Mercury in Libra, you have a gift for understanding complex relationships. You’re able to tackle difficult subjects with charm and grace, and balance both sides of any issue. While you might be good writing about legal affairs and business arrangements, you’d probably rather write about the finer pleasures in life — especially love, romance, and culture. You’re a fair-minded patron of the arts, and you’d make an excellent art, movie, and theater critic.